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4th February 2019

#3 Kakopetria Village Troodos

Our top 100 things to do in Cyprus takes us to the Troodos mountains and Kakopetria is a favorite for a lot of visitors.

Kakopetria is a small village close to the Troodos mountains, approximately 1.45minutes from Protaras / Paralimni area. Its easy to get to from the motorway following the initial signs for Larnaca, then Nicosia, the Troodos. Kakopetria is one of the more spread out villages in our opinion, other villages such as omodos, Vasa and Lofou have much smaller roads and the houses seem closer together.
Kakopetria alttude is 667 meters and is the highest village in the Solea Valley area. There are two rivers which join together in Kakopetria, the river Kargiotis and Garillis River, both rivers join in within Kakopetria village and become the river Klarios which crosses the Solea valley and empties in to the Morphou Bay. In the village square you can see the river from many points, there is a waterfall, a bridge with a spiral stair case leading down under it and its very tranquil to view.

One of the places that fascinated me the most, wasn’t the traditional square with more touristic cafes / restaurants but the small town street, which is more traditional to Cyprus villages. The houses are very close together, the shops and cafes all traditional and selling traditional items such as gliko (Cyprus sweets) and lace. Stop for a coffee in this little street, it will mesmerize you.The older part of the village dates back to Frank domination ear. The region was inhabited around the 6 -7th century.
Excavations started taking place in 1938 in the older area of Kakopetria. Some of the most interesting findings were small amounts of limestone, statues, bronze and iron shafts from spearheads and arrows and mainly terra-cotta. It is said to have depicted the goddess Athena and some statues representing Hercles dating back to the Archaic and Classic eras of Cyprus. If you are looking to view the items found in the excavation, you can visit the Archaeological Museum in the heart of Nicosia. We visited the museum also, and you can find information on the museum, with opening hours and prices on our About Cyprus page.

One of our team is not overly frilled about winding staircases, especially metal ones with holes in… so climbing down to the bottom to get videos and images for our site was challenging but well worth it. We certainly hope the images capture some of the village for you.
There is an old Mill you can visit in Kakopetria as well. On the way in to Kakopetria, stop in at the Train Museum of Cyprus, its a well thought-out museum and has plenty of information on the train system that used to run in Cyprus.

Where is Kakopetria

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