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28th November 2019

Travel tips – Visiting the beach with a baby

Hay, just incase you havent seen any of our other blogs I am Katie, I am one of the owners of spot on villa rentals and a proud mum to Jacob. As a new mum I have certainly learnt a lot over the last year about being in a hot country with a baby at various ages. I hope some of our blog posts might help 🙂

The first time my husband and I took our son Jacob to the beach we were so excited, that quickly turned in to a nightmare! His little face when he first felt the sand squltch between his toes and the waves crashing against his legs was beautiful until the handfuls of sand starting going in to his mouth, dont even get me started on the pebbles… you name it he did it! I quickly learnt that I needed a game plan for beach days and I have to admit i just avoided it as much as possible between 6 months and 12 months. The pool was our number 1 choice for swimming and just our sanity! But we did have some very sucessful days at the beach by the end of summer and his 1st birthday we had a beach day that went really smooth. I hope some of this helps you have a smooth holiday. 🙂 The links are afiliate links to Amazon, it doesnt cost you anything extra but we do get some money back if you do buy anything – yay!

My biggest advice would be the time of day that you visit the beach. There is a reason hot countries have a “siesta”, we usually say go nice and early or late afternoon. The hotest time of day is 11am – 3pm.

As you can see - not happy about the hat!

Beach packing List

  1. Hooded beach towel
  2. Inflatable to use for seating and sea
  3. Childfarm suncream & shower gels
  4. Swimming Nappies
  5. Long sleeve swim suit and hat
  6. Fold up high chair
  7. beach toys
  8. float vest
  9. beach mat
  10. beach shoes
  11. Gopro and waterproof phone case
  12. cool bag

Dressing a baby for summer and the beach

When it comes to babies during the summer, its better to just keep it really simple. No one likes being hot and seaty especially not a baby. Most of the summer Jacob spent either without clothes in doors or just in a short sleeve vest and shorts. I like vests mainly because they tuck in really well which I like for when he was crawling. I try to choose light colours and thiner cottons where possible. I had a few nicer tops for the evening but nothing fancy.

Depending on the age Jacob was at when we went to the beach, i tried different things – swimming shorts, all in ones, swimming nappies and hats and this is what we ended up using:

Hats – yes yes yes – absoloutely, not only do they look cute but they are great sunblockers. Unfortunately my son will not keep one on!

Nappies – You either need to buy throw away swimming nappies or invest in reusable ones. I found it quite expensive to buy swimmin nappies in Cyprus for the amount that we go swimming so i did buy Bambino Mio and the splash about ones to try. You will definately need to use them in pools. I like the splash about but i prefer the bambino mios.

I did not like swimming shorts on him this summer. (maybe because he wasnt walking, but i found all in one baby swimsuits gave him a much better coverage. I prefered the long sleeve one and will 100% be getting another one of those for next summer.

The second best thing we got were quick drying water shoes (for me and for jacob) – the sand gets hot! Really Really hot!! These were a lifesaver for both of us. They are also great for around the pool as we found the floor not as slippery.

One of the things I was told about was a swim / float vest. The one we had for jacob had built in swimming bottoms and went over his costume. It was actually a tad to big for him this summer but i did love the idea.

waterproof phone case

Maybe you wont take your phone to the beach, unfortunately for me during summer I am always on call so I need my phone close by. This is probably the first thing in our beach bag. I also use it to keep my important items with me like cash / cards etc if i need them. Although Cyprus is safe I always air on the side of caution.

I also love to take my gopro with me for the times when i get to snorkle and also for the cute water videos with Jacob.

Child Farm

I am a big fan of child farm products, I find the nappy cream is great in the heat for Jacob and I also use it if I get any form of sweat rash in the summer 😉 I really like the baby sun lotion and after sun cream products for summer. They do travel bottles of baby bath / body wash etc so I usualy grab a set of these and take them to the beach with us and shower Jacob at the beach so at least he is dry and clean before we pop him back in his car seat.

Talc – Yep I have not gone completely insane, talcum powder rubbed on your feet gets the sand off quickly. I rarely use talcum powder even on the baby but i do use it for our feet and sand!


on most beaches you can hire umbrellas and sunbeds for 2.50euros each which is a great way to protect babies from the heat and the sunbeds are a bit higher up so wandering hands cannot reach the sand.

Kiddie pools / inflatables:

This was probably the best thing we did, we got a huge (huge) beach mat which was more like a picnic blanket size and put an inflatable baby boat in the middle and popped Jacob in it. We had lots of beach toys with us but the boat could also be used to put some water inside so it was a great wet / dry place for him to play and not be able to reach the sand.

Wet / dry bags

I always have one of these in my bag, i love them! But especially for the beach, i usually have a couple. They keep everything dry, so i usually put my nappies etc in there and then i have one for wet things for after the beach like swimmers / towels etc.

Hooded beach towels are my jam! haha I love them – first off they just look super cute and the hoods are great but they make it really easy to get them on / off and accessing nappies etc.

beach chair / High chair

When we were at the beach I wanted something i could sit Jacob in to eat as he is squirmy and likes to be on the go all the time. We acually have a fold down highchair which is ideal for us but quite bulky to travel with. Amazon do an folding one by summer infant which looks perfect for beach days and has a pocket at the back.

Also a cool box!

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