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30th September 2019

Tomb of the kings

Tomb of the Kings & Paphos Archaeological park

This is one of the largest archaeological sites in Cyprus. Located in the Paphos area this large necropolis is a UNESCO world heritage site. Spanning over 80 acres you can spend the better part of a day here exploring the tombs and structures surrounding them.

The History:

The tombs themselves were carved into the local rock formations. Intricate designs and artwork decorated some of them. Others imitated the domiciles of the deceased. This underground nature of the tombs helped preserve them over the centuries as it is thought to have first been used around 400 BCE up to 300 CE. However this only helped so much as their proximity to the sea did not help preserve the bodies themselves. Due to this, exact information on who was buried here and why is incomplete.

It is thought that local Aristocrats and high officials were laid to rest here. No actual kings were buried here. Often they were laid to rest with valuable goods relative to their wealth and stature. Lack of artifacts found in the expansive tombs is believed to be due to grave robbing over the centuries.

The Paphos Archaeological park is an extension of this area a little bit farther south. It is a larger park with more to explore and hosts some beautiful and best preserved tile mosaics on the island.


Still to this day, ongoing excavations are taking place and visitors are encouraged to come again as new things are discovered and uncovered every year. Beautifully situated by the sea, the Tomb of the Kings and Paphos Archaeological park are gorgeous places to wander through. Casually explore these pieces of history and appreciate how ancient this island is.

Entrance for the Tomb of the Kings is about 2.50 EUR and the Paphos Archaeological park is 4.50 EUR.

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