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18th August 2019

The Camel Park Mazatos

I initially wrote this blog about the camel park 5 years ago when we visited with my parents and i was really impressed back then. However, we recently visited again and had an even better time with our son (13 months) and it was enjoyable for all ages.  Expect to spend a while here, you can even spend the entire day here as there is a pool, restaurant and park.

The Camel Park is located in Mazotos, Larnaca which is just 15 minutes from the airport. There is no shortage of spots to take photographs with the plethora of camels, goats, osterige, dear and more. Just a note – you can buy animal feed from the gift shop at the entrace to feed the animals, these “snacks” are actually carob’s and are a real treat.

First of all there is a huge play areas as you go in which is really impressive. They even have some adult gym equippment so you can work out whilst the little ones “work out”. As you go in you will see the camels who will be very eagar to see you espeically if you have a bag of feed. SAVE some of your treats for the other camels to the back of the park and the other animals. 🙂

One of the camels who greeted us

Once you leave the initial play area, to the right is a room decorated in traditionl Cypriot items. You will go on to an ambundance of Camels looking for the goodies you hold in your treat bag. As you move further in to the park there are lots of animals which are perfect for younger children, deer, goats etc and even a kangeroo. There is a small building with fish tanks and swings, and more baby camels to the back of the park. moving further around there is a play area with machines, a 5D cinema, a small train and more.

The park has lots of information about animals not native to Cyprus such as: deer, horses, ponies, ostriches, donkeys and more. Though the main attraction is definitely the camels! Very friendly, they hope you’ll bring them snacks (available for purchase) and are usually looking for some attention. Camels used to be a major part of transportation on the island and while that is no longer the case the park does offer camel rides in the country side that anyone is welcome to enjoy! Visitors are more then welcome to just stroll through the scenic park grounds and take in the sights.

The park also offers group services such as barbeques, school outings and birthday parties. The restaurant can even cater to large groups up to four hundred people! Of course there is also a souvenir shop that has many mementos available for purchase.

All in all if you’re venturing in that direction on your way to Limassol or if you have some time to kill before the airport or before you can check in to a hotel or rental property.

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