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30th September 2019

Kalavassos Tenta


The History:

The Kalavasos-Tenta site is one, if not the oldest Neolithic archaeological site in Cyprus. Along with Khirokitia which is 7.5km away these sites show a budding civilization that dates back all the way to around 7500 BCE. A rare find that was discovered in 1947 by Porphyrios Dikaios and finished excavation by 1984 under the leadership of the American archaeologist Ian Todd.

It shows a community where the thought to be domestic structures were constructed from mud-brick and stone. Possibly supporting a wooden second floor and domed roofs. To see such an intact example of stone age humanity is amazing. Especially for our little island!


Visitors can easily spot this site from the A1 motorway about halfway between Llimassol and Larnaca. A large tent like structure was erected above it to protect it for future visitors and makes a pleasant break from the Cyprus sun! Entrance is about 2.50 EUR and it is open from Monday – Friday 09:30 – 16:00. Visitors should be aware they will need to climb steps (not too many!) to visit this place.

Category: Explore Cyprus