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18th October 2019

Gluten-Free Cyprus

Not having a gluten intolerance myself I have been blissfully unaware of the challenges for guests / family / friends who suffer with a gluten intollerernce. Recently it has become a question that we have been asked more and more by guests, where they can eat gluten free meals in cyprus, where they can buy gluten free baby food in cyprus etc. So we made it a bit of a mission when we had a visitor come to stay to find some places that offer gluten free meals and sell gluten free products.

Gluten-Free bakery with island wide delivery

OK – This might be the best thing that has ever opened in Cyprus!!! Areteos bakery is an all “gluten free Bakery” but unfortunately it is in Limasol – HOWEVER THEY DELIVER – WAHOOOOO AND YOU WONT BE DISAPOINTED! So now, you can pop online and oder the items you require and if you spend over 20 euros then delivery is free and you can pick them up at the local courier office (in this case paralimni). They offer gluten free bread, glutten free cakes, glutten free pitta bread and much more and i dare say they will be adding to their menu.

First of all, just let me say the customer service was super friendly and I was very impressed. When i ordered there was a note saying delivery is between 2-4days ad I got it pretty muh the next day so i was extreamly impressed. I completely undersand why they have that delivery time because they have to make it, send it and are subject to courier opening times so just bare in mind you might want to order before hand and opt for a delivery day during the week that works.  The name of the company is Areteos Bakery and it specialises in Glutten free, lactose free, egg free products and pasteries. This bakery is only gluten free so there is no need to worry about cross contamination. 🙂

Now we have recieved the products, we ordered carrot cake, seeded bread, pittas, buns and muffins… they got the thumbs up from our guest who said they are “soooooo good” and so fresh, we even tasted some of the carrot cake and muffins and they are good for sure. We will 100% be ordering prior to her arrival next time!

Places that stock Gluten free products in Ayia Napa, Protaras, Pernera, Paralimni

Fast forward in time and actually gluten free products in Cyprus are becoming more and more popular. even our corner shop Potamos Suppermarket has a small secection of the essentials (crackers, flour, pasta, buscuits etc). The brand schar / schaer is a big brand that is sold locally. We were recently able to make our gluten free basket for one of our relatives who was staying with us full of products. These are places we have definately found gluten free products and we will keep adding to the list as we find more:

Kokkinos supermarket offers a good range of gluten free products – they are around by the fruit / vegetable & soft drinks aisles. They stock snacks, pizza bases, cerials, bread and more. Its actually quite and impressive selection. Many of the items pictured were bought in this suppermarket.

Metro supermarket– stocks a range of gluten free itmes including bread.

Marks & Spencer were one of the only places to stock gluten free products a while back (i know this because when our relative came to stay a few years back i was on the hunt back then – beleive me, she has told me repeatedly how good her gift basket was.

Potamos supermarket is a small corner store local to us and it has a small range of gluten free products.

The health store Paralimni 

As well as gluten free products, they also have a range of other products, baby pouches and foods etc.

gluten free products

Restaurants serving gluten free meals in Protaras / Ayia Napa

Gluten free in restaurants isnt a huge deal here yet and cross contamination is always something to be a little concerned about even if they are serving gluten free meals. However, when relatives travel we have found most places pretty good if you tell them that you have an intolerace for example.

Cliff Bar – OMG can it get any better! The view, the cocktails and the gluten free deserts (choice of Panacota and Ginger creme brule) but they do offer a select few items that are gluten free and also some vegetarian options.

Roof top burger bar – When we were there the staff did say they had gluten free burgers which is awsome as this view is amazing!

Molti restaurant in Protaras has a selection of gluten free items as well as promises restaurant and tower house all located in Protaras.

Mojito restaurant in pernera offers some gluten free options

Sto Kir Yianni Omodos – offers a gluten free meal but you should order it in advance.

Dyionisos Mansion in Limassol – offers gluten free meals.